Sou Sdei!

Hello and welcome to my country, Cambodia. My name is Siv (pronounced Seeyou).

A little about myself.... I am a husband to Pisey and father of 5 wonderful children (4 sons and a daughter). During the day I am a tuk tuk driver and in the evenings I teach English for free to both children and adults in my village.

While most people travel to Siem Reap to explore and marvel at the temples of the Angkor Archaeological Park there is so much more to see and do and I would be proud  to help you with planning your stay in Siem Reap by assisting you with accommodation, tours and activities which may be of interest to you, this site outlines some suggestions, but.... whatever it is you would like I will arrange for you.

You can visit most locations by tuk tuk or if you prefer or have a larger group I can organise transportation for you and your group by air conditioned car or van. And if you would like a guide for the temples I can arrange one for you in advance, I can also advise on forward travel to other destinations in Cambodia for when you depart Siem Reap.






      TOURS        TRAVEL        ACTIVITIES

Some useful Khmer phrases for you:



             How do you do?

How are you?

I'm fine (too)

And you?


      What is your name

     My name is (Name)

I want to go to the (old) market

How much do you charge?

Too expensive

How about one dollar?

                   Thank you


                   Good luck


Where can I find a toilet

Sou Sdei

Chhumreap Sur?

Te Neak Sok Saba-ay Jear Te

Knhom sok Sabay-ay  (Dei)

Jos Neak Ving?

Ba-at (for man), Ja-as for lady

Te Neak Chmos Avey

Knhom Chmos (Name)

Knhom Jang Tov Psar (Jas)

Kit Tlai Bhun Ma-an?

Tlai Nas!

Mouy Dolar Ba-an Te?

Som Arkun!

Lear Sen Hoeuy!

Samnang La ar!

Som Tos

Ti Na Meam Bantub Tek

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